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Solar Shades
With a sleek and modern look these shades are perfect for any decor. Solar fabrics are categorized by varying degrees of openness factor or percentages. The higher the percentage, the more of a view remains. The lower the percentage, the more privacy is maintained.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of solar shades:
Solar Shades allow you to maintain your view anytime of the day.
Solar Shades ensure privacy.
Solar Shades optimize energy efficiency. They protect against heat loss in winter and overheating in summer.
Solar Shades protect furniture, wood, and fabrics from sun damage.
Solar Shades are fire-rated for high-rise living.
Solar Shade installations can be easily motorized for your convenience.

Roman Shades Roman Shades
With their clean and sophisticated lines, Roman Shades are a stylish way to dress up a window. Roman Shades are made from all weights of fabric, are usually lined and can be used as a stand alone window treatment or added behind curtains or valances.

Roller Shades Roller Shades
Roller shades offer simple functionality and are a great way to add style, color or texture to any room. With a sense of modern sensibility, they are effective, uncomplicated, and economical.

Natural Shades Natural Shades
With a distinctive and unique style, Natural Shades fit virtually every setting from elegant to casual. Typically made from reeds, grasses, and natural woods, natural shades effectively block light, while providing durability and function.

Cellular Shades Cellular Shades
An innovative fabric shade constructed from honey-combed shaded cells. Cellular Shades are a great way to maximize energy efficiency and provide insulation.

Pleated Shades Pleated Shades
Pleated shades are an elegant yet affordable window covering solution. They help filter light and offer privacy. With dozens of fabric choices in designer prints and natural blends, there are unlimited decorating options.


Wood Blinds & Alternative Wood Blinds
Wood blinds help you control light and heat while adding warmth and sophistication. From deep rich stains to light sandblasted colors, wood blinds enhance your home while controlling light and mood.

Roman Shades Horizontal Blinds
Available in a large selection of styles and built with aluminum and vinyl, Horizontal Blinds are convenient and attractive window coverings.

Roller Shades Vertical Blinds
Whatever the style, Vertical Blinds offer value, durability, easy cleaning and superior light control.


Pleated Shades Shutters give a clean and integrated look to any room and are exceptionally adaptable and flexible in how they are used. Unlike other window treatments, wood shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean. They also offer privacy and light control. Tilting the louvres slightly, will allow light into your room while also maintaining your privacy.


Draperies The greatest advantage of draperies is the ability to achieve drama and beauty through color and design. Infinite choices are available which may coordinate with beddings, pillows and other design elements of the room.


Draperies With issues such as heat gain and/or loss, fading caused by harmful UV rays and/or glare, solar shading systems may be a recommended option. Also, energy costs can often be dramatically reduced with proper solar shading.


Motorization is the fastest growing option in window coverings. The main benefit is convenience. With motorized window treatments, you don't have to individually close shades or draperies. The window treatment can be placed on timers, can be activated by the sun and can be operated by a wall switch or a remote control. Stops can be set so that adjacent shades are in alignment at desired heights. Motorized products also eliminate the need for dangling cords and the hazards associated with children and pets.

Most systems can be easily integrated with A/V Controls and Lighting Control Systems for one-touch control. Motors available today are relatively quiet and unobtrusive.


Draperies PVC-Free, reclaimed, and recycled environmentally friendly fabrics are available.

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